Senior Advisor Jobs in Manila Philippines

Senior Advisor Jobs in Manila Philippines

Senior Advisor Jobs in Manila Philippines

Job Purpose:

Provide support and advice to Vice-President, Private Sector & Cofinancing Operations (VPPC) on a full range of operational and administrative matters that fall under the responsibility of VPPC. Work within general policies, principles and goals, working directly with clients.

Closing Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2013 

Senior Advisor Jobs in Manila Philippines

Expected Outcomes

a. Strategy and planning

Assist VPPC on specific strategies, policies and business processes, including reviewing and strengthening related ADB documents.
Assist VPPC with independent technical and analytical input in all areas of responsibility, conduct research in these areas, as specifically required by the VPPC, and, generally, as would be expected for the diligent performance of the advisory tasks entrusted to the incumbent of the position.

b. Operational support

Assist VPPC on all operational and organizational matters under the jurisdiction of the Office, namely, those related to Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations.
Assist VPPC with the development of ADB initiatives in the areas of Private Sector Operations and Cofinancing..
Review and analyze reports from departments/offices under VPPC, and follow up on operational matters related to these offices.
Assist VPPC with monitoring work of the departments and offices against agreed work programs.

c. Administrative support

Coordinate with staff of other Senior Management offices and Heads of Departments in Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations to ensure effective and consistent operations.
Coordinate the preparation for internal and external meetings and other events involving VPPC.
Monitor the departmental budgets under the responsibility of VPPC.

d. Staff supervision

Take the role of team leader and supervise the work of team members.


Educational Requirements:

Master’s degree, or equivalent, in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Operations Management, Law or related fields. University degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Operations Management, Law or related fields combined with specialized experience in similar organization/s, may be considered in lieu of a Master’s degree.


Relevant Experience And Other Requirements:

Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level
At least 10 years of relevant, diversified professional experience, preferably in international context
Wide ranging interest in the full scope of work under the responsibility of VPPC


Good interpersonal skills

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
International experience working in development in several countries


Core Competencies:

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills
Provides supervision to others in completing their technical tasks
Called upon for advice and guidance based on expertise gained by working in different countries and organizations
Contributes advanced knowledge and expertise to different parts of the Department


Client Orientation

Proposes effective services and solutions to staff beyond presenting issues and past challenges
Assists colleagues adapt to the cultural and business norms of diverse clients and country situations
Gains respect for the breadth and depth of expertise demonstrated in effectively managing diverse clients and country situations
Called upon to resolve client situations that may impact their long-term ADB relationship
Achieving Results and Problem Solving
Resolves situations where client needs are not being met
Shares past experiences from different projects, organizations, and countries to help achieve quality results
Ensures that thorough analysis includes current and relevant factors from different countries and contexts
Sought out for guidance and experience in overcoming the most challenging situations
Draws on long-term relationships with stakeholders to help plan for and achieve results


Working Together

Addresses team members not contributing to required standards
Commits to delivering timely and high quality work to assist in the team’s success
Develops and maintains good internal and external peer and senior level relationships
Helps teams understand common features to build rapport and overcome challenges
Communication and Knowledge Sharing
Provides stakeholders with the level and quality of information required to achieve outcomes
Encourages others to seek long-term solutions to address feedback opposed to focusing on immediate concerns or reactions
Uses breath of multi-country and multi-client knowledge to equip clients and staff for more effective outcomes
Designs and implements project and program knowledge and services


Innovation and Change

Consistently seeks more effective and practical ways for the Departmental delivery of services, products, and processes
Proposes new ways to improve the quality and relevance of products and services
Includes the core benefits and reasons for change when developing comprehensive change roll out plans
Influences and persuades decision makers by presenting business cases supporting the proposed changes


Immediate Reporting Relationships / Other Information:

The position reports to: Vice-President, Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations (VPPC)
The following staff positions report to the Senior Advisor to the Vice President (Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations): National Officers and Administrative Staff

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